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UCSF Speech Voice and Communication Study

Research Goal

The goals of this study are to identify the specific barriers to speech or the causes of difficulties with speech and other forms of communication. The study involves autism diagnostic and neuropsychological testing and brain imaging (MRI and MEG). Our dedicated team will provide support for participants who may have difficulty completing any of the study tasks but would like to attempt them. The study is completed typically in 4-5 visits and pays up to $400. This study is approved by UCSF IRB #21-33613.


We are looking to recruit children and adolescents ages 8-16 who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and have speech or spoken communication difficulties, including nonspeaking or minimally verbal individuals as well as those who use speech to communicate but may have difficulty producing speech or other speech differences that may help us learn about different ways speech can be achieved.

Study Dates

04/05/2024 - 05/01/2025


West USA (CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, AK, HI)

Study Site

Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Imaging Laboratory, University of California-San Francisco

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