Profound Autism Caregivers

Families that include a person with profound autism live experiences that few understand.

They often face isolation and stress. We want to do what we can to change this.

Sibling Action Network

Siblings of people with profound autism experience unique realities frequently misunderstood by their friends and coworkers. They also frequently lack clarity about what the future holds for them and their siblings with profound autism. The Sibling Action Group will work to fill this void and provide practical information and resources developed by siblings for siblings.

Caregivers Connected

Caregivers of profoundly autistic individuals from all walks of life are invited to connect in a supportive, empowering, and confidential online environment. Private online events with leading experts provide the rare opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge in a safe space.

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The Dignity Project

Families living with profound autism and those who provide services and supports to them frequently live in the shadows. At Profound Autism Alliance, our hope is to bring these stories into the light. We will do so by sharing them in a way that is always respectful and protects the dignity of those living with profound autism.

The Dignity Project

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